WRONGPAD compilation

by Memphidos


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1. Memphidos - Lost Bone 06:55
2. tape86 - City landscape monotony 05:31
3. Miktek - Faller 05:50
4. Poordream - Aphorism (feat. Charlie Chaplin) 04:14
5. Talos - Bland 05:46
6. Conjecture - Neither nest or hive 05:40
7. Xsoz - Atmos 05:43
8. Aevin - Elephsys 05:24
9. Infekkted - 1000 miles 05:21

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released November 21, 2015

released November 21, 2015

Memphidos - Lost bone: written and produced by Dimitris Sakkas (memphidos.bandcamp.com)

tape86 - City landscape monotony: written and produced by Stavros Kostidakis (tape86.33recordings.com)

Miktek - Faller: written and produced by Mihalis Aikaterinis (miktek.bandcamp.com)

Poordream - Aphorism (feat. Charlie Chaplin): written and produced by John Valasis (johnvalasis.com), published by Just Isn't Music (PRS) (justisntmusic.com)

Talos - Bland: written and produced by Talos (talos-project.info)

Conjecture - Neither nest or hive: written and produced by Vasilis Angelopoulos (vasilisangelopoulos.com)

Xsoz - Atmos: written and produced by John Raptis (xsoz.gr)

Aevin - Elephsys: written and produced by Teo Tsalmpouris (aevin.bandcamp.com)

Infekkted - 1000 miles: written and produced by Stathis Grapsas (infekkted.bandcamp.com)

mastered by Sotiris Laskaris (lbha.gr)
artwork by Dimitris Sakkas (behance.net/dimitrissakkas)
wrongpad logo by Stavros Kostidakis (stavrosdesign.com)

WP001 • November 2015
WRONGPAD music collective



Memphidos Αθήνα, Greece

Memphidos is Dimitris Sakkas, He was born in October 5th 1986, in Athens Greece.

He basically is a graphic designer with interest in motion graphics. He writes and produces music as another way to create images and emotions to people.

Writing and producing music since 2000, he participated in several exhibitions and releases.
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